Palo News Digest Mobile Application

Palo News Digest, the first mobile application in Greece which contains news in summaries from sites and blogs, is at the top choices for downloading at both mobile stores!


Palo News Digest users, according to Mobile Stores, are mainly men, 35-55 years old. In total, a percentage of 70% of the users is men while 30% is women. Therefore users consist a dynamic public, in terms of marketing, interested in every day news.

The new application brings at your mobile phone all news from 1.400 sites and 10.000, easily, quickly and in summary, wherever you are!


It comprises two core offerings, namely News Digest and Personalised News Feed. News Digest notifies users on the most important news stories, three times a day (8:00 / 12:00 / 18:00), so they do not miss anything! Personalised News Feed offers an in-depth, real time news stream, based on users’ interests. Hot Topics and Video Stream further complement the news consumption mobile experience.

Application’s main options are:
– News Digest
– News Feed
– Hot Topics
– Videos


Palo News Digest is available for free for all smartphone users through App Store and Google Play.

The application was developed with the cooperation of Trebbble.