Palo News Digest one of the top news applications on the stores!

Palo News Digest, the first mobile application with summaries of all stories from all Greek news websites and blogs is amongst the top news applications, both on the App Store and the Google Play! At the same time, the downloads of the application are until now more than 30.000! Furthermore, it is very important, that the average app session time is more than 5 minutes! According to the stores’ analytics for January it is continuously one of the top free news applications both on the App Store and the Google Play! Palo Services has already launched similar news applications in the markets of Cyprus, Serbia, Turkey and Romania!

With regards to the demographics of Palo News Digest users, according to the analytics of the stores, they are mainly men, between 35-55 years of age, highly educated. More specifically 80% of the users are men and 20% women. It is, in other words, a dynamic audience in terms of marketing.

Palo Services’ Founder and CEO, Panagiotis Tsantilas, stated:

“We are very proud, because the application we developed becomes more and more popular on the stores and the users show great satisfaction from our service! Palo News Digest is not yet another mobile news feed application, but it is about the first application which gives access fast and easily to anything posted on Greek sites and blogs!”

News overviews from 1.400 sites and 10.000 blogs appear easily, quickly, concisely at the users’ smartphones, wherever they are!

The new application provides the user with four basic choices:

News Digest, three times a day (8.00 / 12.00 / 18.00) presents the most important stories from Greece and worldwide in summaries, so as to be informed fast and easily about the latest news.
News Feed, provides stories according to your interests, which include pictures and summaries, as they are presented on the Greek web.
Hot Topics, in order to be informed about everything posted on Greek sites and blogs.
Videos Feed, watch the news through the most important videos of the day.

The application among others provides the user with:

– Instant and full cover of a story within a few seconds thanks to the automatic system of exporting summaries
– Access to the most important news of the day, even if the user is offline
– Following of the development, through time, of the most important news of the previous seven days
– Alternative ways of “consuming” the news through photographs, summaries of stories and videos.

The mobile application is freely provided to smartphones users on the App Store and the Google Play. The application was created in collaboration with the Trebbble Company.