Palo News Digest and Trebbble receive a Merit Award at the EBGE 2016 Awards!

Palo News Digest, the first mobile app with news summaries from all sites and blogs, received a Merit Award at the EBGE 2016 Awards. More specifically, Trebbble, the agency which designed and developed the app, and Palo News Digest have been awarded with a Merit Award in the category “Apps for touchscreens”, as an acknowledgment of the unique, modern and functional design of the app.

EBGE Awards are the most recognized design awards in Greece, are held annually by the +DESIGN Magazine and are under the auspices of the International Council of Design (ICOGRADA) and the Greek Graphic Designer Association.

After the granting ceremony, the Founder and CEO of Paloservices Mr. Panagiotis Tsantilas stated: “I would like to offer thanks to Trebbble and all my colleagues for the excellent work which has been done. I am proud, as we have developed a modern and innovative news app. The EBGE Award is a reward for our efforts. The new app has more and more users, whose feedback is very enthusiastic, since they have easy access to thousands of news stories from all sites and blogs of the Greek web.”

For his part, Mr. Vaggelis Rekkas, Head of User Experience, Trebbble, stated: “We are all in Trebbble very excited for the Merit Award at the EBGE 2016 Awards. It is a proof of our attention to detail and the aesthetic quality of all the apps we develop. I would like to thank Paloservices, as they gave us the chance to develop a news app that sets new high standards, with regards to the ways that users keep up with news, both from Greece and the globe.”

News overviews from 1.400 sites and 10.000 blogs appear easily, quickly, concisely at the users’ smartphones, wherever they are!

The new application provides the user with four basic choices:

  • News Digest, three times a day (8.00 / 12.00 / 18.00) presents the most important stories from Greece and worldwide in summaries, so as to be informed fast and easily about the latest news.
  • News Feed, provides stories according to your interests, which include pictures and summaries, as they are presented on the Greek web.
  • Hot Topics, in order to be informed about everything posted on Greek sites and blogs.
  • Video stream, watch the news through the most important videos of the day.


The mobile application is freely provided to smartphones users on the App Store and the Google Play. The app is available in five countries, namely in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Turkey and Serbia.

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