sponsors the Belgrade International Motor Show

Paloservices along with, the Serbian version of the No1 news search engine in Greece, was this year’s only Greek Media Sponsor of the Belgrade International Motor Show.

The Belgrade International Motor Show is one of the 13 official motor shows to be held this year around the world, under the auspice of the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers. More than 400 exhibitors from around the world participated in the 52nd International Motor Show that was carried out at the premises of the Belgrade Fair from 19 to 29 March 2015.

The founder and CEO of Paloservices Mr. Panayiotis Tsantilas, accompanied by colleagues, attended the opening ceremony of the International Motor Show and visited the kiosks of well-known car manufacturers. Mr. Tsantilas commented: “ actively participates in the business life of Serbia and it is in this context that we are present today at the Belgrade International Motor Show. This is an exhibition of great international prestige, as all major companies from the automotive industry participate. At Paloservices we always aim at establishing international contacts and collaborations that will create new prospects for the future of our business.”

Paloservices foreseeing the prospects of the region, has already expanded its business activities in Serbia with since 2014, an action that led to a highly positive outcome. is evolving into a dynamic regional news search engine, as it is already complemented by the Serbian and the Cypriot, while preparations are well underway for the launch of the leading news search engine in two more countries in Southeastern Europe, Turkey and Romania.