“Patent pending” technologies for Palo Services

Technologies and intellectual property of PaloServices have been protected under “patent pending” status since March 2019, when the company submitted application to register a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office


PaloServices aims at registering a patent for its technology on web crawling and summarization. The company strategically decided to apply for a patent registration, as a result of its long contribution to the industry, of its dedicated team work, of its excellent results and of the outstanding methodology developed. Palo Services submitted its application to the United States Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO) so that a patent should be registered for the way the company collects and analyzes web data.

The application process started in October 2018 and ended up in early March 2019, when Palo Services’ non-provisional patent application was filed. Therefore, technologies and intellectual property of Palo Services have been protected under “Patent Pending” status and that is the very good beginning for the know-how and technologies developed by the company to be fully protected.

Palo Services aims at a patent registration with USPTO to both succeed international recognition and to reassure protection of products’ innovation. At the same time, the company considers a patent registration as a chance to certificate good business standing and to penetrate into new markets. “We began from the American market, which is more mature and outstands for its flexibility”, Panayiotis Tsantilas, CEO and Founder of Palo Services, explains and he adds: “The recognition of specific Palo Services’ business products in Europe is also among our priorities. We are soon finding ourselves working on that purpose”.