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PaloAnalytics is now the leading news search engine in Greece. Our users enjoy fresh and prompt news on all topics, gathered from almost every Greek-speaking news source in the world. Palo’s advantage is that it offers an independent, alternative and centralized presentation of all Greek-speaking news, containing all aspects in every subject, without human intervention. The latter allows quick information refresh and objectivity in news presentation. This makes a unique tool for journalists and reporters who want to cover every aspect of an event, but also for individuals that want to drill down to the news, to search older articles or even get a quick view on “what is going on now”.

The unique feature of is the ability to aggregate and cluster more than 50,000 news items and posts from more than 1.411 websites and 10.281 blogs on a daily basis. Furthermore, is enriched with new content, reaching more than 120 news categories. It also provides additional services such as Weather Forecast, Horoscopes and Television Program with informative and useful content.

All users have the opportunity to search in more than 20 millions news and posts in Greek and share them with all social networks. Furthermore, they can share views and opinions in a very friendly way. All the news are updated every 3 minutes and automatically clustered into themes, without human intervention, thanks to our text clustering algorithm. The registered users have the opportunity to create their own personalized news categories, when the existing ones do not match their specific interests.

Lately, a new service provides news summaries based on the collected articles of a cluster. This service is a global innovation, a pioneering system that extracts article summaries automatically. It offers the highlights of a news cluster in 4 bullet points.

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