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Palo pro aggregates all the news, posts, discussions and videos of the Greek-speaking internet in a simple, friendly and useful tool for analysis and intelligence. The user is able to see in real time where discussions start, what positively or negatively affects the organisations’ reputation and what is ultimately its overall picture in the web.

Palo pro offers a unique service experience by gathering, and analysing brand-specific web-references in real time. It is an integrated tool for the creation and execution of corporate communication strategy.

It offers the possibility of direct, real-time monitoring of all internet sources by using, not just keywords, but entities. It aggregates data from over 1.500 websites, 10.000 blogs, forums, facebook, twitter & youtube.

Most importantly, it alerts for possibly underlying crisis that may have to be addressed immediately. Therefore, it contributes significantly to the preparation, evaluation, or even to a corrective intervention to our client’s strategy, and ultimately to the protection of the companies reputation.


  • Direct and clear picture of what is written and discussed within Greek web about an organization, product, brand or person
  • Minimization of internal costs for online reputation management
  • Real-time analysis of all positive, negative or neutral mentions
  • Optimization of corporate image through the analysis of major references and identification of starting points and highly influential sources
  • Increase of the positivity of a brand, by focusing and analyzing the positive references
  • Collection and processing of valuable information about the competition and knowledge of public perceptions regarding their products and services
  • Identification of potential new products / services, by analyzing gaps and needs of the market
  • Development of creative and affordable strategies to approach potential customers and partners
  • Customer satisfaction improvement with the analysis of what is written in the media for products and services
  • Preservation of the value of your shares and minimization of the information ignorance risk

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