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Palo Pro

PaloPro aggregates all the news, posts, discussions and videos of the Greek-speaking internet in a simple, friendly and useful tool for analysis and intelligence. The user is able to see in real time where discussions start, what positively or negatively affects the organisations’ reputation and what is ultimately its overall picture in the web.

PaloPro offers a unique service experience by gathering, and analysing brand-specific web-references in real time. It is an integrated tool for the creation and execution of corporate communication strategy.

It offers the possibility of direct, real-time monitoring of all internet sources by using, not just keywords, but entities. It aggregates data from over 1.500 websites, 10.000 blogs, forums, hundreds of thousands of public Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube.

Most importantly, it alerts for possibly underlying crisis that may have to be addressed immediately. Therefore, it contributes significantly to the preparation, evaluation, or even to a corrective intervention to our client’s strategy, and ultimately to the protection of the companies reputation.


  • Analyses the brand reputation of people, brands, organizations and other entities by analysing apprx. 85.000 posts per hour
  • Uses social media data in an insightful way to support market research and social media.
  • Uses high linguistics technology to search and derive results and to automatically analyse the sentiment of the posts.
  • Uses greeklish as a different language on searches and sentiment analysis
  • Has received international recognition:

Monitor, Track & Analyze

The most effective Online and Social Media Listening Tool.
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