Palo News Digest mobile app receives Top Innovation Award in Greek Exports Awards 2016

Palo News Digest, the first mobile app with news summaries from all sites and blogs, received a Top Innovation Award at the recent Greek Exports Awards 2016! Specifically, the Palo News Digest awarded in the category Top Innovation in Exports, due to its presence in five countries.

The Greek Exports Awards was organised by the Union of Diplomatic Employees of Economic & Commercial Affairs (UDE ECA)  in cooperation with Ethos Media S.A. and Hrima – a financial and investment magazine – and it was also widely attended by professionals from throughout the exports sector.

After the granting ceremony, the Founder and CEO of Paloservices Mr. Panagiotis Tsantilas stated: “I want to thank all my colleagues for the excellent cooperation we have had to create an innovative information tool, such as the Palo News Digest. This Prize and the EBGE 2016, Mobile Excellence Awards 2016 prizes are a reward for our efforts. The Digest is gaining new users fanatics, who declare excited and therefore give us the highest rating in the Android ratings among all the news applications in Greece. The great response of Greek audience gave us the strength to develop the application in four other countries and to continue its growth and development.

Palo News Digest offers instant access to all the news from 1,400 sites and 10.000 blogs easily, quickly and concisely on the mobile phone screen, wherever the user is located!

The new app provides the user with four basic choices:

  • News Digest, three times a day (8.00 / 12.00 / 18.00) presents the most important stories from Greece and worldwide in summaries, so as to be informed fast and easily about the latest news.
  • News Feed, provides stories according to your interests, which include pictures and summaries, as they are presented on the Greek web.
  • Hot Topics, in order to be informed about everything posted on Greek sites and blogs.
  • Video stream, watch the news through the most important videos of the day.

The mobile application is freely provided to smartphones users on the App Store and the Google Play. The app is available in five countries, namely in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Turkey and Serbia.

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